How it works

Find out how £100K Homes are purchased

£100K Homes will be available for £100,000 no matter what. A percentage discount applied to the open market value of a £100K Home stays with a home through a legal agreement on the property. This is what makes the home affordable for the first buyer and allows every future buyer to benefit from discounted home ownership.

But as far as the buyer is concerned, they are buying a home for £100,000.

What happens to a £100K Home over time?

Owners of £100K Homes can benefit from any house price growth, although, just like any property, the value could also go down.

For example:

  • The first purchaser buys a £100K Home, benefiting from affordable home at a discount to full market value.
  • Five years later, the owner now wants to sell. How much could they sell it for? Let’s say house prices in their area have increased by 10%. That would mean the value of their property has also increased by 10%. Therefore the home can be put up for sale for £110,000 or £10,000 more than they paid for it.
  • Although the next purchaser would pay £110,000, they are still benefiting from buying a property at the same percentage discount to open market value.

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